Beyond impossible


We are a young company located  in Bucharest – Romania, created by people with vast experience that right now are developing ideas to be the new big thing in the industry. 

We understand that the IT field is booming and has the power to improve, influence and change people.

 And we are ready to release this power to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Ciprian G.

Co-founder & Friendly Alien

Some say that Ciprian is not from this world and that his passions for sports, good food (sure seems so here  🤣), public speaking & relations would be just a cover to look much more like a normal human.

The fact that he has many years of experience in the legal, media, and entrepreneurship fields does not help much either. 

Others say that he is a very sociable fat man who knows “people” and that has a silly concept of thinking that he’s a good writer.  

He has the black belt for soul-and-work plus he wants to save the mother planet – whatever that is.

Favourite saying: “In IT, everything is possible. It depends only on how much time and money you are willing to invest”.

Known languages: English, French, Italian, Romanian, Human …

Alex G.

Co-founder & Apps Specialist

Alex is by far the most rational individual of the group. Basically he is the wonderkid of Elsa and a Shaolin Monk.

In his childhood he has mastered everything he has put his hand on and just like that he ended up sending things into space … why and how?! Well he doesn’t want to tell us, but we know for sure he is able to.

When he gets bored he simultaneously completes the re-design of the Sistine Chapel in 9D and moves it around his home with the help of mobile apps and robots through the power of the Internet.

His passions, besides everything about technology are unknown to ordinary mortals although he could be the real Batman or Iron Man.

Favourite saying: “Give me 5 mins to analyse it” – and he really solves everything. How does he do it? No one knows…

Artiom D.

Co-founder & Code Whisperer

Because in his childhood he write in binary The Da Vinci Code his parents encourage him to  play and program everything that is not allowed by the Jedy Code

Doing so, without much effort, although he was very young, he played a very important role in creating projects that were sold by millions.

Since then he has more than a decade on BiG Data & analytical architectures and a mentor programmer almost as good as Yoda – in his defense, Yoda lived many years.

Legend says that he knows absolutely every type of programming language – some not yet invented … and that the dreams he sees are only based on: “1” and “0” numbers.

Favorite saying: “Stop whining”.
Known languages: English, Russian, Romanian, Code whisperer.